Monday, April 9, 2007

Feather Bowling

I've been feather bowling for well over 20 years now. What is feather bowling you might ask? Well, it's an odd esoteric Belgian game that's played locally at the Cadieux Cafe ( on the east side of Detroit. This is one of my favorite local neighborhood haunts that I like dragging out-of-towners to experience something relatively unique to the area.

The two lanes there consist of dirt/ manure packed down into a long groove with a feather at each end. Each player/ team gets to roll six brick/ ball/ wooden wheels down the track and points are determined by who gets closest to the feather- sort of like Bocce. There does require some skill in this game since you can bank the shots by rolling them within the concave track. First team to 10 points wins. Simple in practice but tricky to master.

But what's really great about this place is that it is relatively unassuming. It's an old school neighborhood bar in an established post war Detroit community. The staff has always been top notch friendly. The food is pretty darn good (specializing in mussels, burgers and fish & chips) and the beer selection has always been great. One can go in and watch a ballgame on the big screen, have a family dinner, play some feather bowling, listen to some great live bands and be one with the neighborhood.

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