Sunday, April 22, 2007

Deadline hell

There's just something slightly wrong about being on deadline and it's sunny and gorgeous outside.


Dave Chow Illustrations said...

What's worse is now is that not only has the sunny day passed but I've worked well into the wee hours of the sunrise again. Such is my life I guess, but then who can complain when I do my hobby for a living and get paid well for it?

c. said...

Your name keeps on being mentioned around it Organic that has the whip on you?

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

If I got paid for everytime my name seems to get mentioned there at Organic, I'd be stinkin' rich! But alas Organic is just one of the three whips clawing into my flesh this weekend.

Toss that mayhem AND the last week of classes at CCS into the fray and it's a recipe for many sleepless nights this weekend. I've got skittish seniors understandably trying to get their last projects together as well as underclassmen sweating out Reviews (never understood why).

I'm gonna go through several boxes of Sharpies this weekend. I'm already on order for several more pads of LetraMax paper. I've got the case of Mountain Dew in the fridge along with the multipack of Gatorade. Munchies ranging from raisins to chips to cookies to string cheese has already been bought as I'm ready to hunker down this weekend for some crazy amounts of drawing. It'll be grueling but then I'm built for this kinda speed.

There's something very masochistic and self destructive about it and yet it's a wonderful challenge I know I can meet. I know the sweet sense of relief once I get this done is going to be amazing.

All of those crazy cut & burn late nights at CCS are starting to pay dividends now.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

As it stands I'm probably shooting for well over 120 frames by this weekend (barring any changes). It's outright gonna be NUTS!

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

A six pack of Gatorade, a two liter or Pepsi, a 20 oz. Coke, Sargento String Cheese, box of malt balls, two 20 oz. Mountain Dews, various Mentos, a pack of orange Tic Tac, a Hostess fruit pie, one tall can of Pringles, and a whole lotta hope, sweat and labor.

Here we go... it's one way of attacking a deadline.

DMBoyleDesign said...

Dave I love you.

Students only need be afraid of reviews when Bryon Fitzpatrick is involved.

He's like the Simon Cowell of the ID dept. :D

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Nearly 103 GB's worth of simple black & white linework JUST went out. I haven't even tallied up exactly how many drawings but it's a couple of layout pads' worth.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Whoops... check that! It's more like 20 MB! Had me spooked there for a second... considering it's all B/W linework, I knew it couldn't possibly be that huge!

In simpler terms, it was also about eight LetraMax pads, six Sharpies, multiple refills of the non-repro blue marker and at least six Mountain Dews.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Another weekend sweating out frames. Sigh.