Sunday, April 1, 2007

Carnival barker III/ digital!

For whatever wacky reason, I've been doing this Carnival Barker series.

Well, here's my first digital painting. It's done in the same methodolgy that I use to do traditional markers but no fumes were sniffed during the entire process. I'm still getting slowly accustomed to the stylus' senstitivity and the layers but it's none too shabby of an attempt. I guess for certain areas I could've paint-bucketed it but I also wanted some more practice with using the Wacom.

Any thoughts?

Rest assured. More to come.


Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Ewww... what happened to my flesh tones? The dude looks ghastly compared to what I'm working on screen here.

Oh well, the joys of posting.

DMBoyleDesign said...

Did this in Photoshop? If you selected 'save for web' I've noticed it changes colors a little bit as well as scaling down the quality.

Try changing the quality/size yourself and select 'save as' and then .jpg or even .gif and see what results you get.

Changing quality settings always makes things messy, sadly. I like this piece otherwise! Keep working the wacom and soon it'll be as native as your multiliner!

Angie said...

yes...dave has joined the dark side finally. i am very proud. i actually would have thought you used marker if you didnt say anything. you're applying the color just the same. i hope this process was faster for you than using traditional media. not sure why the tones would have changed. did you convert from rgb to cmyk? blogger does resize the images to make them smaller so that could be it maybe.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Sorry Angie, that infamous Chow speed just isn't there yet. Heck, the bubble wrap is still fresh off of the Wacom! I've had that thing for maybe a little more than two months. My ambitious dreams of trying to digitally paint at least once a night have gone the way of the dodo (jobs, teaching and carousing can do that to a guy). Admittedly the fact that it still has some semblances to a marker rendering make me feel pretty good with it- that was the desired effect I was shooting for. The only "difficulty" I had was determining the layers in Photoshop; it's not like a LetraMax pad at all!

Rest assured I'll give a go at more soon.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Not a good time to be learning the Wacom right now. Big heaps of work have buried me under. I'm hoping to get back to toying with the Wacom sometime soon. In the meantime, it's still old school marker fumes and coloring.