Monday, April 9, 2007

Drawing cars in Detroit

From time to time people ask me how it is drawing cars in Detroit and I'm often puzzled by the fact that it seems to be labelled as drawing something horrific or mundane. I try to to make too much of a judgment on what it is I draw at times. When I do storyboards for a client, I'm helping them solve a problem- I don't consider that any more or less noble than any other form of illustration. What I also try to do is be in the mindset of "helping a friend" out of a jam. It makes it a lot easier working for someone. I got into this biz many years ago because of a passion for drawing, not the almighty dollar.

Seen here is a recent project I did for Organic for a great art director over there; super friendly dude. It was for a new Dodge vehicle. Is it groundbreaking artwork? Probably not, but I got a chance to do what I enjoy (and get paid for it under 30 days).

Sometimes there are times when I draw for a living and then there are times I draw for myself. Part of what this blog is to help me draw more for my own exploration and growth as an artist. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see a little of both in the following posts. I wouldn't trade what I do for living for anything in the world... it's THAT good.

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