Sunday, September 16, 2007

House Industries

Andy Cruz & Rich Roat were just featured a few months ago in Communication Arts and it showed some of the inner workings and philosophies of their highly successful graphic design/ illustration firm. I've been a huge fan of theirs for the longest time. These guys truly have a strong sense of humility and reverence for some of the coolest fonts and creators around. They've worked with Big Daddy Roth, Coop, Ed Benguit, Shag, and a whole list of anonymous typographers who've lent their talents to some of the coolest pop culture items of my generation.

Sven Kirsten's Tiki Modern book

An utterly amazing compilation of things tiki that weren't covered in his first book, The Book of Tiki. Great follow-up and it also highlights Witco furniture, polynesian influences, Detroit's very own Chin Tiki, and other things tiki. Taschen (see link posted in my links section) publishes some amazing art, pop culture, design related books and this is just one in the many that they do produce.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quick sketch

Rather than just heave perfectly good pieces of paper into the recycle bin, I occassionally will tear regular office paper into four equal sections, clip them together with a bulldog clip and use them for scribbling notes- the poor man's Post-It Note. Well today I decided to do a quick sketch of my fellow Canadian, Wolverine on this pinkish rose piece of bond paper for kicks. I think on the back side of this paper was some old departmental mail or something from school. A few quick scribbles with the Copic Markers, some white Prismacolor pencils & voila!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My two bit speed drawing

Inspired by several of my peers here (they're not just ex-students any more- they're grizzled seasoned pros now), I figured I'd give a go at doing a Speed Drawing (curse you Imran & Jeremy!). Granted that's generally my schtick for real work but I figured I'd give a shot at it here, time myself and see what I'd come up with.

Here's my go at drawing Robin Hood's buddy Little John. It had been awhile since I broke out the brush but that was about four minutes doing the black & white, a few scanning/ printing and maybe another four coloring. Total= maybe ten, eleven minutes tops. I always dug the Alan Hale, Sr. character in the movie and thought that guys who could beat the snot out of you with a quarterstaff were pretty hip.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day One. Full of hope & promise.

It's the first week of school officially now. So many fresh new faces all across campus and for me, my responsibility stayed with the graduating seniors today. I've got the Portfolio Presentation class now- it's a daunting task for me because I sincerely want the graduates to go out there and be a success. I know I can't protect them from every hiccup and bump along the way but hopefully I can at least pass on some of the knowledge I have of being a working illustrator, a graduate of the school and just some of the life experiences I've had. I envy them because they're at the beginnings of what I hope will be very fruitful careers and yet I also fear for them because the market is in constant flux. But if they get anything out of my class, I hope it's that they know how to be agile, adaptable, relelvant to their craft, and have a sense of satisfaction.

Comic Con photos at long last!

As promised many moons ago, here are some various Comic Con photos (as taken by our fresh faced Comic Con virgin with the camera, Glenn Lattiere). It truly is the Pop Culture event to behold. Photos can't do it justice- it's literally an event one has to attend to really comprehend the scope of this thing.

Some pretty amazing Bruce Timm/ Batman figurines.

Glenn hanging with some mechanical beastie.

One of the many Daves that weekend getting gnawed on by a display.

Everyone's favorite wookiee, Chewbacca- made of Lego.

The two Daves, Swartz & Boyle.

Various cool figurines that were for sale.

The back of the Iron Man movie armor. They kept this under a huge Stark Industries crate until Saturday 2:00PM!

The DC Comics area and their array of banners.

The Comic Con floor and its sea of humanity. It was mind boggling the amount of people.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hands & fatigue

As I'm trying to clean up my office a little bit prior to the new school year, I came across this little goofy gem of a drawing I did last year demonstrating what happens to my drawing of hands as the hours get longer and longer.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

School starts!

Rather than get nervous about the upcoming semester, the incoming freshmen, and new challenges that lie ahead this year, I'm left thinking about all of those immensely talented students that have passed through the hallowed halls of CCS. Not just the students that I've taught but so many others that I never really had the opportunity to really get to know well. The ones I have met... some will keep in touch. Some have probably hated their collegiate lives and grumble & grouse about the experience. School isn't meant for everyone and everyone has a different take on it, but it is an experience; I hope they've all learned something about themselves if nothing else.

Just within the last few weeks I've gotten a handful of emails about how some of them have landed nice positions already. They're at the beginnings of their careers. They'll be focusing on establishing themselves and carving out their own niches in the business. I'd like to think I've helped some when they were in school. It's all so odd now that next week, those faces I had gotten to recognize over the last few years aren't coming back as students anymore. They've struck out on their own and have the world ahead of them and a new breed of illustrators, designers and artists are coming up right behind them.

It's a cycle I went through when I was a student and it continues along now that I'm an instructor.

Another random observation on SD Comic Con

This was an image I had done for a friend of mine at Itoya Portfolios and was fortunately an unfounded fear of ours the entire time at the San Diego Comic Con.