Sunday, September 2, 2007

School starts!

Rather than get nervous about the upcoming semester, the incoming freshmen, and new challenges that lie ahead this year, I'm left thinking about all of those immensely talented students that have passed through the hallowed halls of CCS. Not just the students that I've taught but so many others that I never really had the opportunity to really get to know well. The ones I have met... some will keep in touch. Some have probably hated their collegiate lives and grumble & grouse about the experience. School isn't meant for everyone and everyone has a different take on it, but it is an experience; I hope they've all learned something about themselves if nothing else.

Just within the last few weeks I've gotten a handful of emails about how some of them have landed nice positions already. They're at the beginnings of their careers. They'll be focusing on establishing themselves and carving out their own niches in the business. I'd like to think I've helped some when they were in school. It's all so odd now that next week, those faces I had gotten to recognize over the last few years aren't coming back as students anymore. They've struck out on their own and have the world ahead of them and a new breed of illustrators, designers and artists are coming up right behind them.

It's a cycle I went through when I was a student and it continues along now that I'm an instructor.

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