Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day One. Full of hope & promise.

It's the first week of school officially now. So many fresh new faces all across campus and for me, my responsibility stayed with the graduating seniors today. I've got the Portfolio Presentation class now- it's a daunting task for me because I sincerely want the graduates to go out there and be a success. I know I can't protect them from every hiccup and bump along the way but hopefully I can at least pass on some of the knowledge I have of being a working illustrator, a graduate of the school and just some of the life experiences I've had. I envy them because they're at the beginnings of what I hope will be very fruitful careers and yet I also fear for them because the market is in constant flux. But if they get anything out of my class, I hope it's that they know how to be agile, adaptable, relelvant to their craft, and have a sense of satisfaction.


jeremy melton said...

They will gain MUCH from you. WE did. :)

Lauren Moyer said...

you better walk us through the real world holding our hand

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

I can only do so much... sheesh! Ask any alum that's had my class (like Jeremy Melton for example!). I can just point the way towards relevancy. The steps you guys have to take. Motivation and ambition are the key ingredients you have to provide.