Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My two bit speed drawing

Inspired by several of my peers here (they're not just ex-students any more- they're grizzled seasoned pros now), I figured I'd give a go at doing a Speed Drawing (curse you Imran & Jeremy!). Granted that's generally my schtick for real work but I figured I'd give a shot at it here, time myself and see what I'd come up with.

Here's my go at drawing Robin Hood's buddy Little John. It had been awhile since I broke out the brush but that was about four minutes doing the black & white, a few scanning/ printing and maybe another four coloring. Total= maybe ten, eleven minutes tops. I always dug the Alan Hale, Sr. character in the movie and thought that guys who could beat the snot out of you with a quarterstaff were pretty hip.

1 comment:

jeremy melton said...

Little John was always much cooler than the others.... now come to think of it.... who were the others? Doesnt matter, GREAT job man!