Thursday, September 6, 2007

Comic Con photos at long last!

As promised many moons ago, here are some various Comic Con photos (as taken by our fresh faced Comic Con virgin with the camera, Glenn Lattiere). It truly is the Pop Culture event to behold. Photos can't do it justice- it's literally an event one has to attend to really comprehend the scope of this thing.

Some pretty amazing Bruce Timm/ Batman figurines.

Glenn hanging with some mechanical beastie.

One of the many Daves that weekend getting gnawed on by a display.

Everyone's favorite wookiee, Chewbacca- made of Lego.

The two Daves, Swartz & Boyle.

Various cool figurines that were for sale.

The back of the Iron Man movie armor. They kept this under a huge Stark Industries crate until Saturday 2:00PM!

The DC Comics area and their array of banners.

The Comic Con floor and its sea of humanity. It was mind boggling the amount of people.

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