Thursday, April 19, 2007

Current project

Here's a current project I'm working on now. Alas since it hasn't been totally approved, I really shouldn't say much about it other than I had a blast drawing goofy moments like this. Not to mention the creative team behind this TV commerical has really nice storytelling techniques to their presentations. I'm hoping to do much more fun stuff like this.

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Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Okay, I can probably talk about this job now.

It was just one of many frames for some really fun Toyota stuff. The writer for these commercials is great to work with. He sends me over a pretty detailed script; he has some loose ideas as to what he wants and pretty much trusts me to come up with the visuals for him.

I usually scratch up some really really rough presentable thumbnails for him and as long as I'm in the ballpark with conveying his message, it's usually approved right there. It's SO nice to be trusted that way by a client. According to the rep, the client really trusts me and we've developed a really good working relationship. I try not to alter their vision too much (they understand what Toyota wants much more than I do); if I can add something to the mix or help the spot along, I feel confident enough to speak up or make suggestions. It's been good here.