Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pics from Comic Con

Sure it's supposed to be about comics at Comic Con (not really) but they had two of the coolest vehicles there from my childhood- the Batmobile and Speed Racer's Mach 5.

Gotta pimp 'em.

Y'know what? I might as well do some of my students some good here on my blog. Above is my up and coming Independent Study student, Wayne Porter and his work. He's seriously thinking about diving into the matte painting world and seeing if he can strike a fortune there. Wayne's busted some butt this summer doing this stuff on the side and emailing me pics (little does he know I try to have somewhat of a normal life during the non-teaching months!). Wayne seems to have the moxie and drive to do this too. Lemme know what you think or better yet, go check out his blog. He could use the feedback and could use a job in a few months too.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mark Ryden book

This is another great book I picked up in San Diego that I think is noteworthy. It's by famed illustrator extraordinaire, Mark Ryden. I nearly forgot about it because it's so dinky in the big stash of books I brought back. I got this book from Stuart Ng (http://www.stuartngbooks.com/) at his booth- which was filled with all sorts of first editions, signed copies and all sorts of literary and visual jewels. Mark Ryden's great style, business savvy and cool art have most definitely propelled him to the top of the big illustration heap right now.

The nice guy that I am- I loaned it out to a colleague of mine Don Kilpatrick. If the pages come back sticky, drool filled or missing, there will be hell to pay! Enjoy it now Don... but I do expect it back soon, intact and in immaculate condition!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wendy Froud

I met Wendy Froud last year at the Comic Con and presented her with a centennial pin from CCS. Our school where her parents taught and where she cut her teeth had just celebrated its 100th year. Her family's contributions to the school are amazing and far too numerous to list. She is by far one of CCS' most celebrated alums and probably one of the most famous.

On top of all the acclaim, she's one heckuva great person to hang with and friendly as can be. Her husband Brian and son, Tobey are also wonderful people as well. It was wonderful spending a few moments at Comic Con with them.

Greg Preston's amazing book

While perusing through Stuart Ng's great book section at the Comic Con, not only did I get a chance to meet Greg Preston but I also had him autograph his amazing book to me. We talked for a bit as we both stood in line for some other books and I was amazed at how lavish his book was. He took fifteen years to photograph some of the industry leaders in comic books and entertainment including Jack Kirby, Mike Allred, Mike Mignola, Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Gary Baseman, Frank Cho, Marie Severin, Moebius and an entire cavalcade of luminaries. Out of the many people that he took photos of, many have sadly passed away but there about 80+ still with us and about 60+ were at the Con. Sadly I didn't get a chance to go around and get many autographs of those people but I'm hoping to lug this book out next year and snag as many signatures as I can. Every year we'll lose a few more talented and gifted people from the industry; wonderfully so Greg Preston has taken us into so many of these creative geniuses' studios for a glimpse of their workspaces. Beautiful photographs!!!

Xaime Hernandez at San Diego Comic Con

Xaime Hernandez and his brother Gilbert have been producing some of the most gorgeously drawn B/W comics in ages. These guys seriously know how to draw great looking women with realistic attitudes and expressions. I had a chance to meet them both at the Comic Con, talked to them for a bit and could help but pick up a signed copy of The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S.

Back from the mountains AND the coast.

Of course photos will be forthcoming, but a quick update since I'm back now. I've spent two glorious weeks back in my home province of Alberta and I also spent one grueling week in San Diego doing the Comic Con. I even went up to LA, meandered there visiting old students (that are now climbing the big ladders in the industry) and shopping for tiki. Needless to say my internal clock is still a few hours off and I still haven't gotten back into my Michigan mode yet.

And school starts up in a few more weeks? Egads!