Monday, September 21, 2009

Bernie Fuchs passes away

Just this previous weekend on September 19th, one of my illustration idols in Bernie Fuchs passed away at the age of 76. He was always required reading and viewing when I was in school. The more I read about him, his impact upon American culture- I understood how important this man was to the field. Not only was he an amazing craftsman and artist, but he actually worked in the Detroit hey day of studio art. He drew cars, made them art, and then transcended this market when other art directors took notice. From there he went on to do work for some of the most visible clients in advertising including Sports Illustrated, Coca Cola, TV Guide, and others.

His book shown here, "Ragtime Tumpie" I use in my class today to show my students how gorgeously this man worked. I hope to pass on some of Bernie Fuchs' scope & vision onto the next group of young illustrators. He truly was an innovator, an amazing artist, and someone I admired from afar.