Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big Sonic Heaven

I've been a huge fan of Darren Revell's choice of music for what seems like eons now.

And like it says on their website...

Big Sonic Heaven is a radio show on Indie 103.1 playing ethereal, dream-pop, electronic, shoegaze, electro-pop, deep alternative, etc… Big Sonic Heaven airs Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights from 10p-12m (PST). Hosted, programmed and produced by Darren Revell. Originally broadcast from 1995-2003 in Detroit now makes it’s Los Angeles debut. Listen to Indie 103.1 FM and on-line at

Again, it's that eclectica that I like. He's not afraid to play an odd mix of old, new, funky, techno and then some. Thank goodness for internet radio so I can at least listen to some of this stuff.

It just makes me wonder with the loss of true eclectic free form radio that it's one of the reasons for the rise in satellite radio services (you guys can check out my sadness about the passing of Detroit's last bastion of that form of free radio on some of my earlier posts).

Mid-June already?

Wow... where has time gone? I could've swore it was just like yesterday that I was helping students hang their senior shows and dealing with all of those graduate insecurities that hit this time of year. Needless to say for those of you that know me, I've been out there hustling up work from every third source. I just got done doing a huge rush project for Microsoft & Ford Motor Company (among other things) and I'm about to dive into another huge Toyota project this week. I'm not one to sit back and relax easily; I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living and can barely fathom calling it a job at times.