Sunday, July 29, 2012

No fear of sketching

Earlier this week I had an order of the new Sharpie Brush markers delivered to me and like with any new art widget, I had to give it a test drive. While it definitely behaves a little differently than some of my traditional sketching tools, it has its perks and a few drawbacks. But the one thing that I walk away from with experimenting with this new tool is that I wasn't afraid to try it. I wasn't afraid to royally mess up or make a lousy drawing with it.

If there's one thing that I would love to impart to my students is to always try something new. Sketch, draw, doodle, do what you may- but don't ever stop sketching. No one has to ever see it and there could always be a gem in that drawing. Lord knows I look at what I drew and could nit pick it to death and point out where I didn't like it- but I took the chance. I wasn't afraid to mess up even on a nice crisp fresh page in my sketchbook. It's a sketchbook- not a finished art book.

So take a chance! You've got nothing to lose in the attempt and everything to gain.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I've got an ex-student out west (Lord knows where this week with the west dry as a tinderbox this summer) who became a smokejumper a few years back. After seeing the size and the scope of what those people have to fight I'm amazed and in awe at what she does. I still discretely follow her exploits on Facebook and while I know she's got some amazing training, a great team, and enough moxie to conquer anything- I still pray for all of their safe return after every mission.