Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My kind of Christmas tree

I'm absolutely digging this Christmas tree.

Alas, I've been a 20 oz. bottle man for awhile.


Andrea Kowch said...

Oooh. . . I'm gonna tell Cara what you said. lol This video cracked me up! Hilarious.

Wayne Porter said...

amazing i want one!!

mike said...

HAHAHA i love it!! i still remember you having a DEW in your hand every storyboard class....even in the morning! how's things going dave? hey by the way, after your lovely little comment about me putting work up on my blog...well, it's up! where's your comments? i still need crits from you. :) cheeers!!

DMBoyleDesign said...

"Not many branches on this tree... Mostly Dew."


Chow, I could totally see you whipping one of these up. Just bring a bunch of packs of Dew cans to class to share with the kiddies, collect the cans and viola!

You could make a mini-tree for the classroom or something.

jeremy melton said...

Dave, I think you should make one for yourself. You know you can do it. And your the only one you could do it without rupturing a bladder in the process. ;P

James Piggott said...

Just put those hot lights inside the plastic bottles, it'll be great!!