Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Society of Arts & Crafts video

Here's a wonderful video shot by the fine folks at about the original Society of Arts & Crafts building on Watson & Woodward- this is where CCS came from over 100 years ago. It was torn down the weekend that the Super Bowl was in town a few years ago. Fortunately I managed to snag a handful of the bricks and ceramic roof tiles from the place before they got trucked off to who knows where. I was also lucky enough to have played urban explorer back in the late 80's within the building before it caught fire. Even back then, it housed (stolen?) car parts, was filled with clutter and it was already too far gone to be salvageable without dropping serious money on the place- something CCS could hardly afford to do then.

I can only imagine how grand it must've been to have taken classes back in this building. It's obviously not as spiffy as the current buildings we have on the campus now, but there's something to be said for the architecture, beauty & grace of that era.


jeremy melton said...

So sad. Much like many things in Detroit.Didnt CCS just acquire a new building? Or am i just crazy? I thought i heard something of the nature.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

CCS MIGHT be on the verge of purchasing the Argonaut Building...again, MIGHT. More details to follow.

LampshadeMan said...

Hey when did you get a blog. Nice to see you in the blogariffic world. Haven't talked with you in a minute. And thanks for all the help with my portfolio. I really appreciate it Right now I am working at a studio in Southfield, Kinetic Post, animating on a little kid's show on Nick, Wonder Pets. Definately have to put you in the links, man.