Saturday, November 17, 2007

Call out to an old friend

Rainy Saturday morning here and I had to meet a client to discuss a job at a local diner. As I'm there hashing out the specifics of the job, lo & behold a group of ladies stroll through and sit down a few tables away. One of them was a good friend of mine I hadn't seen in ages, Marge Sroka- art director and nice person extraordinaire. I had known Marge for over 23 years now. I first met Marge when I was a freshman at CCS in a heavy duty Psychology class; she intimidated me to pieces. Over the years we'd always bump into one another at the various agencies she had worked in town.

Today I found out she's working in Santa Monica and still living life large. She's still the happiest-go-lucky art director/ designer I know. I marvel at how she's still the same bright person that she is. I knew her in our formulative years in school, I knew her when she had a married name and back to Sroka. She literally flew into town today to meet her friends at the same diner I was eating at. Talk about kismet! Seeing her made my day.

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