Monday, December 31, 2007

Best wishes for 2008.

2007 was one raucous year for me. From traveling all over the States & Canada, I saw a lot and met a lot of people. I worked on some amazing projects, taught some pretty challenging classes, shared in plenty of laughs, shed a few tears, and for the most part... I had a blast. My sincere hope is that the new year be just as fun, wacky and full of optimism.

To each and everyone of you, may you all have a happy & joyous upcoming 2008 as well.


DMBoyleDesign said...

Yar! Here's hoping I get to move to California some time this year!

And here's to another year of COMIC CON!!!

Wayne Porter said...

happy new year dave! moving to chicago in like 14ish days. ill keep in touch!

Erik Whalen said...

oh my god, its Dave Chow, happy new year. I can still say it even on jan 9th. I think I can legally say it until Feb 1st. Keep on storyboardin and makin those benjamins.

James Piggott said...

Happy 08 Dave, at least crappy 07 is over.

Hey, Dave, can we exchange links to Blogs?
Mine is

Talk to you later!

jeremy melton said...

Happy New year Dave!!

Wayne Porter said...

just checkin up to make sure the great Dave Chow is still alive and kickin'...or has the semester already kicked your butt?? haha stay alive Dave!