Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting dumped upon

Did I miss the memo? I thought with the school semester being done with- I'd be kicking back, relaxing and fending off this cough off once & for all. Instead, I've been beleagured with a heap of real work. Not that I'm complaining (because it's gonna pay for some crazy trip, a tiki widget, some electronic gadget, or some offbeat toy) but it just seems as though word got out on the street that I might actually try to relax and the sabotage was on.

And all this with the holidays breathing down the nape of my neck too. Such is life.

Hopefully my students are taking advantage of the break because next semester we're gonna rock da house HARD!


Wayne Porter said...

sorry you're beyond busy dave...hope it pays off. and besides you know you would be going crazy if you were "RELAXING" at home...haha take it easy

DMBoyleDesign said...

Dude for as much as you complain, if you were sitting at home RELAXING, it would mean the end of the world. Dave Chow does not know relaxation!

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Oh relaxation is now one of the Four Signs of the Apocalypse. I'd best get back to work to prevent the end of the world then.

James Piggott said...


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Hey Dave!
I've got you linked on my blog. Any chance you can do the same for me? Hang in there! There's supposed to be 4-8 inches of snow tonight. Maybe you can go snowboarding the first day of 2008.