Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer Cruising

For about the last dozen years I've had this car, the 1954 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe to which we've affectionately named The Beast. It has no power steering, no power brakes, no AC, no AM or FM radio, no cruise control and no frills. And yet every summer we take this "urban land yacht" out to cruise Woodward Avenue and the local roads. It handles like a charm! It drives like a boat where you have to make decisions well in advance and you sit way up in it like huge sofa on wheels. Sure, there are cars out there worth a lot more than mine, have tricked out chrome, a killer sound system, a sweet big block under the hood and can blow me away at the gate- but this has been a amazingly fun car to enjoy the Michigan summer months. It's not your typical tricked out cruise ride but it still turns just enough heads and we can feel the breeze come into the car as we accelerate up the boulevard.


Carolyn said...

sweet ride!

Alyssa Cieslak said...

That's a total beau

mike said...

Thanks for the comments Dave!! I appreciate it. Wow, this is an amazing car! I sure hope you got out on the road a lot this summer with this baby. :) simply timeless