Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don LaFontaine passes.

Possibly one of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood, Don LaFontaine has passed away. He was by far one of the busiest and he's been heard doing practically every major movie premiere in recent memory.

I had the chance to hear the man work years ago when I had to meet an art director at a local recording studio in Southfield to pick up some storyboard work and they had Don LaFontaine on the voice patch to his Hollywood Hills studio. He was recording some Ford Truck TV commercials and to hear how he worked was amazing. His inflections were crisp and that voice could've moved mountains! Not only did he nail the spot in just a few takes, he'd also had fun and ran with the script. He'd heave out some pretty off handed remarks that surely would've made the client cringe if they had heard them aired. Many were unfit for public consumption, but to hear those remarks in that deep recognizable voice was hilarious.

He will be missed.

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