Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of classes.

It's hard to believe today's the first day of classes for CCS. The freshmen have had an entire week of orientation after orientation, the faculty have syllabi & lesson plans ready, the groundskeepers have cleaned the place up pretty nicely and we're hopeful and awfully optimistic with this new year coming up. The cycle continues today.


James Piggott said...

Boy I remember those days. All happy and excited about the future.

"Ima goin' to college, huuray!"

Then, time passed, and I realized it was more like a big kids high school.

Wayne Porter said...

Aw Dave you didn't have to draw a picture of me on my first day...well even if it isn't me, that's pretty much how I felt. Good times!

DMBoyleDesign said...

Give 'em hell Dave!

I want to see 20 pages full of sketches posted on the wall next week!

Mits said...

It is the truth for everyone about the first day of the school. Everyone get hesitate while going in the place unknown persons.