Sunday, March 25, 2007

Very early influence

I never really thought about it until awhile back as to how the Old Master Q comics my grandparents sent to me were such a huge influence upon my art. They sent me several issues when I was young and occasionally our family would be lucky to get me an issue or two during our summer vacations to Toronto. I looked through the comics constantly- the strips with Chinese dialog I had to ask my parents to interpret because I didn't read Chinese. I remember laughing my ass off to this stuff. The storylines were simple, the linework is crisp and it had a Chaplin-esque sort of simplistic universal humor.

It wasn't until my first trip back to China that I snagged as many issues of this comic at the Hong Kong airport. Old Master Q had come back into my life! I think I scored about nine issues and it was one of the best souvenirs I got from that trip (besides the great memories). It's good reminiscing and I still marvel at the storytelling and drawings that each of these panels had. I posted a link to their updated website here on my blog if anyone's interested in seeing more of their stuff.

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Angie said...

wow, these are classics! really fun characters and easy to read. its one of my early influences too..