Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Carnival barker

For a very brief time when I was in high school I worked as a carnival barker of sorts. I was responsible for drawing people into playing a myriad of skill games at what was called the Detroit Ethnic Festivals at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. It was grueling work for minimal pay (I was paid a percentage of what I pulled in). Since I was a rookie, I was given the less lucrative games in order to prove myself- but I'll always remember some of the really really good barkers that could round up the rubes and get them to fork over their money to play their ridiculous games. They made a fortune!

This piece is kind of a tribute to those folks who could convince the general public to give their go at a game of chance and "win something for the lucky lady". It was an interesting summer indeed.

It'a also a throwback for me using a brush line. The drawing was done with a Copic Multi Liner Brush-S and a 0.3 marker. Again, being a fan of old school comic book art, I LOVE the vibrancy of a brush line. I love how much depth a simple line can provide as opposed to just a Sharpie. It's simple and yet so dynamic; with a single stroke I can show light and shadow. I'd like to hope that maybe I can introduce it to my students- even if it's just for sketching and having some fun with lineweights.


DMBoyleDesign said...

I like brush-tipped markers a lot. I use a Warm Grey 3 Copic sketch marker a lot for doodling. I've got one of those multiliners as well, though the tip is getting a little well used by now. :)

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

You've gotta get a hold of the NEW Pantone Trias then... it's got some way wacky brush tip to it that I'm starting to dig. It's not as flexible as a true brush but it's none too shabby.