Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rest in peace, Martin.

A few weeks back at the local pet shop where I frequent, one of the regular inhabitants there- Martin the Tortoise passed away. He was anywhere from 18-20 years old, about three feet in length, weighed more than I care to talk about, and had free reign of the store. Martin was by far one of the most gentlest creatures there. He was often the marvel of kids young and old there. We had often joked how he was going to outlive us all. Sadly his demise came far too soon and he will be missed by all.

This is my tribute to the bug lug who would often come to me for food and offer me a less than gentle nudge upon my shins.


Mary Kinsora said...

I absolutely love this. This tortoise wouldn't happen to be the tortoise that wandered Lou's Pet store would it? My boyfriend and I were in love with that tortoise...:[

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

No. Martin was a resident at the Tropical Fish Pond in Royal Oak. I miss him rumbling down the aisle ways to meet and greet me.