Monday, March 17, 2008

We lost a giant

The creator of The Rocketeer and comic book illustrator extraordinaire, Dave Stevens passed away.

I got a book from him years ago and had a plate signed. I really didn't know much about Dave back then but I knew he had this gorgeously lush style of drawing. It was filled with amazingly rich detail and was much more pin-up like and organic than most other comic book illustrators I had seen. The colors he used looked like they were practically right out of the Dr. Martin's radiant dyes. His Rocketeer book was probably my first introduction to a graphic novel. The pages weren't flat; his pages were more of individual pieces of art that he had somehow magically stitched together to form a story.

He was also known for bring back Bettie Page to the masses and kept in personal contact with her. His reputation of being one of the nicest guys in the business was legendary as was his penchant for being one of the slowest.

This book that he had been working on during his long illness will come out soon and I hope to get it so I can possibly capture some of that greatness that he had with his work. He will be missed

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