Monday, March 31, 2008

MAD Magazine fold-ins

Me being a huge MAD magazine fan I had to include the following link to some of Al Jaffee's MAD fold-ins. Al Jaffee has been a regular with the magazine for what seems like forever. His draftsmanship is amazing as his humor. He's worked along side such giants as Harvey Kurtzman, WIll Elder (doing the backgrounds for Little Annie Fanny), Jack Davis, Dave Berg, Angelo Torres, Paul Coker, Jr., Antonio Prohias, Mort Drucker, Don Martin, Wallace Wood, John Severin, Sergio Aragones, George Woodbridge, Jack Rickard, Bob Clarke, and "the Unusual Gang of Idiots".

What's cool about this link is that it's actually interactive so you can actually do the folding too.



the chung said...

Al Jaffee! no shit. i fuckin love that guy.

by the way, good to hear from you! it looks like you're keeping mad busy as usual. hope all is well

Sorrentino said...

these fold-ins are classic!
just SWELL ;)

Kevin Dunn said...

those are awesome. Most my old MAD's don't have much left of the back cover.