Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guest panelist on UDM's Ask the Professor

Just last week I got invited to be a part of the panel on the Univeristy of Detroit's Ask the Professor program.

It's one of America's longest running radio programs and I've been a huge fan of it since I was a wee little lad in search of useless trivia. The premise of the show is that listeners can send in questions on all sorts of topics in hopes of stumping an esteemed panel of professors. And while by CCS standards I'm not a professor, I was welcomed as one of the panelists whose job it was to answer the questions. Along with moderator Kathy Bush, I sat along side Roy Finkenbine, Elizabeth Oljar and Matt Mio in the basement of the Briggs Building on the UDM campus for an hour recording two episodes of the ATP show.

From long time fan boy to being a guest panelist. What an honor.

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