Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art Battle & lung nuggets

On a balmy Saturday night a few weeks back, Don Kilpatrick & I hobbled together some supplies and attended the Art Battle at the Russell Industrial Complex where we faced off against students, alums and fellow artists in the Art Battle. Don painted a gorgeous female tree figure whereas I slugged back some caffeine and drew volumes of art (31 drawings in three hours- geez, I must be slowing down). The Russell wasn't heated, we were next to people using aerosols, there was dust & grit all over the walls, throbbing music, strange people asking odd questions, it was smoky, and we didn't win the big cash prizes.

Even though we loved it, we did go home smelling as though we rolled around in a chimney or ashtray. I'm sure our poor wives smelled us coming a block away too.

For pics of the event:



Chris said...

Hey Dave,

thanks for the comment. I was debating whether or not to put my phone number, but that makes sense. Thanks!


jeremy melton said...

I smelled like that everyday coming home from the bar/work. Renee hated it too. Its really cool that you did that. ;)

Wayne Porter said...

damn dave...sounds like you got the easy life going on...haha

glad to see you took gils spot for the semester...i was worried to see who they would place there. i got some new stuff coming that i want you to see...if you get a chance from your busy schedule...take it easy!

Kristina said...

You got lung nuggets.
I got bronchitis.

DMBoyleDesign said...

Almost has awesome as being in the same building with tons of talented artists...HOT CHICKS!!!

Also, why am I not surprised that one of your photos shows you eating??

Man, that seems like it was a kickin' night.