Friday, August 10, 2007

Wendy Froud

I met Wendy Froud last year at the Comic Con and presented her with a centennial pin from CCS. Our school where her parents taught and where she cut her teeth had just celebrated its 100th year. Her family's contributions to the school are amazing and far too numerous to list. She is by far one of CCS' most celebrated alums and probably one of the most famous.

On top of all the acclaim, she's one heckuva great person to hang with and friendly as can be. Her husband Brian and son, Tobey are also wonderful people as well. It was wonderful spending a few moments at Comic Con with them.


Pollard said...

Nice blog. I was just skimming about, and ran across it. I am going to do a little more reading on Wendy Froud, as I was not very familiar with her before. Thanks and looking forward to more good info.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Pollard, thanks for the kind compliments. Wendy's an amazing artist. She graduated from CCS back in 1976. Both of her parents were very much involved with the school as well. Her mom was a painter and dad was a sculptor as well as the president of the place. Wendy's definitely a product of some very creative DNA as well as being immensely talented and driven herself. She is also one of the most down to earth people I've ever met as well. If you're interested more so about Wendy & her work, I would highly suggest getting her book. It's highly informative not just about her work but it gives some of her background as well.