Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mark Ryden book

This is another great book I picked up in San Diego that I think is noteworthy. It's by famed illustrator extraordinaire, Mark Ryden. I nearly forgot about it because it's so dinky in the big stash of books I brought back. I got this book from Stuart Ng ( at his booth- which was filled with all sorts of first editions, signed copies and all sorts of literary and visual jewels. Mark Ryden's great style, business savvy and cool art have most definitely propelled him to the top of the big illustration heap right now.

The nice guy that I am- I loaned it out to a colleague of mine Don Kilpatrick. If the pages come back sticky, drool filled or missing, there will be hell to pay! Enjoy it now Don... but I do expect it back soon, intact and in immaculate condition!

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