Friday, March 21, 2014

Sketchbooks sketchbooks sketchbooks sketchbooks...

The majority of the sketches you see in this blog are from my sketchbooks. This is what four years of sketchbooks look like. It's 25 lbs. (or just a touch over 11 kilograms for those of you on the metric scale). They're all 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" Handbook Journal Company Travelogue Series sketchbooks. In this box, there is 55 individual sketchbooks. Each sketchbook contains about 65 individual images for a grand total of 3575 drawings.

I do this as an exercise for myself; I use it to stay limber mentally and physically. I also do this on top of my real job and teaching. It gives me a chance to explore new line weights, styles, and subjects that my regular paying clientele might not ask me to do. I also do this to hopefully inspire my students, to let them know it's possible to do this. Finding the time can be tricky but it's so worth it.

Not every drawing is a gem. Some are just random scribbles. Some are done in marker, some are in pencil, some are a combination of media- but all of them I'm putting down a mark. I'm not afraid to take a chance. And if the idea is valid (no matter how rough it is), I can always come back to it and make it better. It's about taking a chance. It's my expressive nature coming to the forefront here.

And ultimately it's also a lot of fun to do.

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