Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Opportunities realized.

I posted this photo and the following text to my Facebook page a few weeks back when my dad passed away:

Earlier today, my dad went upstairs to be with my mom and God. Since coming to Canada in 1954 with $10 in his pocket, he had worked tirelessly to not only raise our family but to raise his seven nephews and nieces in rural China. I never knew him to take a day off of work from his 10 hour a day, six days a week, 50 weeks a year job nor did he ever complain of his job. He gave me my life, my morals, a work ethic and an ability to fend for myself. He supported my artistic endeavors from early on and imparted his sharp business acumen to me over the years. My dad was an inspiration and lived an epic life.

My mom called him home for dinner and he answered the call this time

Knowing what and where he came from, I really have a greater appreciation of the man now. He raised me and will forever be a guiding force with regards to how I live my daily life and how I'll chart my career.

My dad will be missed but his spirit lives on within me every day.

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Ann Redner said...

Dave, what wonderful words and appreciation for your Dad. I'm sorry you have had this loss. I'm glad your Dad instilled in you so many strong values ... what a celebration that these live on through you -- THIS is a living tribute!