Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Spiegelman at the MOCAD

I just had the distinct honor of seeing acclaimed cartoonist/ story teller/ graphic artist Art Spiegelman lecture at the MOCAD. He talked about the history and future of comics as well as showing off some of his impressive works. One very poignant part that stuck with me was how influential MAD magazine was to him. It's a sad reminder to think of where print publications have come (MAD is now produced quarterly as opposed to its high of nine issues a year), but then knowing that a book like Maus can still be groundbreaking and award winning gives us hope that print is not about to fade away just yet. I was lucky enough to get a signed and sketched copy of it for my library and will treasure it and its author's genius.

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Nikki Jarecz said...

hey dave, im not stalking you, just adding you to my blog!! see you in soon in senior studio! - nikki