Saturday, April 4, 2009

Modernist tiki sculptures

Three tiki sculptures I just recently picked up. They are all exquisitely carved, assembled and painted. I have yet to find out much about the manufacturer or any details about them other than their construction was mentioned in a 1961 Popular Mechanics magazine. The tags that are around two of the darker ones read: "Polynesian tiki handcrafted by R.E. Evans- San Diego, CA". They're barely a foot tall and about two inches across at their widest point. They're not my usual ceramic fare but I think they still have a unique cool modern feature to them.


ChrisHoobler said...

they remind me of the "blue people" from across the universe.

Chris said...

Neeerd! ;D

Hey, thanks for such a nice comment- means a lot coming from you!

jason hazelroth said...

It looks like fasionista tikis