Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another look at the Chin Tiki

Yeah, I know I posted a longer winded Chin Tiki article about the fall of the place below but also wanted to preserve the Google Map street level image of the place that was taken several years back. How simply spartan and idyllic it looked in the Detroit sun.

Also mad thanks to John Monaghan of the Detroit Free Press too. Great article on the place being demolished and sending over 3000+ hits to the merry blog here.

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Donni said...

When I graduated from Henry Ford in 1977, One of the first parties surrounding my graduation festivities were held at the Chin Tiki, which unknown to many was always called in its marketing "the Fabulous Chin Tiki Club". It saddens me how it met its demise, from my understanding whatever film was made there, that when they left, many many artifacts were a little too juicy for the props people and souvenir hunters to leave behind. In 1982 My Design company was renovating the building next door to the Chin Tiki Club, Detroit Engineering Institute, housed in what was originally the The Moose Lodge. In order to keep the college up and running during the project, therewas a constant flow of all nighters an you could hear distinct noises coming through the wall and feel a noticable chill when the noises were present in the rear area that connected that bldg to the Chin Tiki. So much so that certain staff refused to work in that area alone, or even at all.
Great trivia, yes, but my actual point to sharing the story is this, Hopefully all the people that stole those items from the Chin Tiki find that they have more than just a stolen piece of Fabulous Chin Tiki, but that they also are being haunted by those same restless spirits that dwelled within the artifacts in that bldg.