Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sketchbook drawings

As an instructor, I'm one to harp on my students to keep up a sketchbook. As a working professional I know I should as well, but due to time constraints, job, life, and every other third excuse in the book- over the last few years I've hardly kept a sketchbook for myself other than the ones I take on trips and vacations.

Well, within the last week I decided to jump back into it and re-discovered how liberating it was. No deadlines, no art direction, no restraints as to what or how I was to put images in the sketchbook. I didn't worry about how clean or crisp my line-work was; after all it was a sketchbook and not a finished art book. The images are sometimes raw, sometimes refined and all across the board. It was fun, uninhibited and just outright fun again.

The only thing is I filled the book in about two days and will have to get another one soon.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

That blue guy is really cool!

Lee said...

I like Wonder Bear.

Tyler Scarlet said...

ha ha I really like the second one.

jason hazelroth said...

the blue guy is my favorite