Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sometimes on those seriously melancholy days, it takes something as innocent as the neighbor's cat to come over to sit in your lap to give you a sense of perspective.

"Geisha" is the cat that lives across the street and has found it within her persona to adopt me. She'll come over to just hang out and just chill. In doing so, she'll make me pause my day and look out into the world in her eyes. In such a busy and disjointed world, it's sometimes nice to just look out across the world and think about what's really important in life.


mike said...

Dave! I remember you telling me over the phone about this lovable cat. She's a keeper!

DMBoyleDesign said...

Aw, that's super cute.

I loved my cats as well. Would always take time to chill with them whenever I could. I miss them terribly!

Hope you're not too melancholy Dave!