Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Artwork for Ingrid

A few weeks back, colleague, friend and esteemed artist Gilda Snowden contacted me about a project she was asked to participate in. A friend of hers, Carol Mazurek had contacted Gilda about gathering artwork to help brighten a little six year old girl’s room as she was about to go through chemotherapy for the 14th time to combat a form of lung cancer.

Seeing as how it’s the final few weeks of school and everyone was scrambling around, Gilda immediately thought of me “and the folks in your department because you are used to moving fast!”

I made the announcement to the Senior Studio to come up with pieces that would help liven this little girl’s day. They were under no obligation; there were to be no grades or bonuses handed out for this. Their only reward was good karma and my sincere appreciation. Steve Kade was also enlisted to submit his whimsical pieces as well and did so with an original watercolor and print. I also made the call out to California and contacted the likes of Jay Shuster, Jeremy Melton and Angie Lai. They too contributed amazing personal and touching pieces to help liven this girl’s space.

Last Friday, Carol came by to pick up the artwork and drove me to visit little Ingrid (she’s got a name now!) at the hospital. I was introduced to her family and Ingrid. I presented the artwork that I had gathered from Gilda, my class (as well as pieces gathered from the Animation Department by Christine Osinski) and the alumni. I mentioned the artists by name and talked a little bit about them as I held the artwork to Ingrid to see from her hospital bed. I’d like to think her family was overwhelmed by the amount of art and caring that our little community could do in such a short time frame.

Huge thanks also go out to Trish Dewald for obtaining a pair of CCS Student Exhibition Opening tickets for Ingrid’s parents to attend in a few weeks. Her parents deserve at least this much.

I visited Ingrid Sunday to see how she was doing and draw for her. It was to be her last night in the hospital and I wanted to make my acquaintance again. Her family had pinned all of our artwork to her wall. I was not only floored by the enormity of art but by Ingrid’s insistence to draw with me. I ended up leaving my marker pad and pen for her to enjoy.

Ingrid has made an impression with Gilda, my wife, myself and anyone that has met her in one way or another. She is a bright beautiful person that has the world ahead of her. Her family is caring, compassionate and is thankful and yet I feel as though I’m the one that should be thankful for being shown my students’ caring and Ingrid’s resiliency.


LK said...

Thanks so much for helping us express to Ingrid just how much she means to us and how happy we are that she has completed her treatments! Art is her language and she understands it well!

Chris said...

What a wonderful thing to do Dave! I'm sure everyone's hard work really made an impression and hopefully will bring continued joy later on.

Lauren Moyer said...

That is so wonderful, the wall looks gorgeous.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

I guess since her last treatment, Ingrid has moved back home and the wonderful wall of art has gone home with her. If anyone else still wants to contribute, by all means- let me know.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Dave this is incredible. I have a piece that I would love to contribute that will totally brighten her day. I'm going to be up at the school tomorrow. I'll leave it in Terry's office. Feel free to email me: if you want me to put it somewhere else.

TrishDewald said...

I love that you've pursued this and made this little girl's year. Totally selfless and so Chow-typical.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Yo, Trish D. The way I look at it, I'd like to think that maybe my students have made it this girl's life. Ingrid's got a passion for drawing and who knows... in about 14 more years, she could be a student of mine. In 18 more years, she could be swiping work from me!

We can only hope.

sway said...

i think thats my drawing of "wedgy" in the middle of that pic! thats awesome! wish christine woulda done a better job keeping me updated on this! i had to bump into it by accident. but this makes me feel a whole lot better!