Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roseann Hebeler Brown

Last Sunday I attended the Ann Arbor Art Center to attend an opening featuring eleven children displaying their artwork. Some of the work was amazing; the creativity that some of these kids displayed was impressive. On the walls of the second floor were pieces emulated from classical artists as well as some really interesting design theory projects. All were bright, colorful and presented in a very professional manner. Many of the parents were there taking pictures of their children next to their mini-masterpieces on the many walls and chatted with the instructors.

I attended because these kids were the beneficiaries of the Roseann Hebeler Brown Fund. Roseann was also my graphic design instructor at CCS. Not only was she a great instructor to me, but she was an inspiration. She taught us the practicality of design and always had a smile on her face. She was by far one of the most fun filled instructors during my tenure at CCS. At times I can still hear her laughter when things got tough for us during the semester.

Roseann passed many years ago. She fought a valiant fight against cancer to stay with us but in the end God called her back home. This fund established in 2002 in her name gave these kids a chance to explore their artistic talent and passion. Seeing these kids and the work that they had up on the walls made me think that Roseann would've been proud of me for what I've accomplished (thanks to her tutelage) and for attending this opening.

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