Monday, October 29, 2007

Congrats to Dave Boyle

For what seemed like an eternal summer of hanging on pins & needles, one of my ex-students Dave Boyle finally has gainful employment for awhile. He's already ridden the roller coaster ride with Pandemic as to whether they were going to hire him on for an internship or not (ended up being not). But just a while back, he was given a huge freelance opportunity to do some work with them for their Australian office.

Funny how Dave's department chair, Bryon Fitzpatrick just retired and is on his way to Australia. I've been razzing Dave that he's actually taking food from Bryon's retirement and making the poor guy subsist on dingo meat in his well earned retirement.

Congrats to both.


Wayne Porter said...

haha...this is great. congrats again Boyle! keep it up!

DMBoyleDesign said...

Hahaha, funny how uncanny this drawing is. You almost make him look like Gollum, lol.

Woo-hoo! I've finally gotten my foot in the door. Here's hoping they don't slam my toe on it now!

I'm just waiting for the day that I can invite you to my place to hang out, and do dinner on my tab. It's the least I could do to repay you for all the support you and everyone else has given me.

Here's hoping that after next years Comicon, I'll be driving home instead of flying!