Friday, July 6, 2007

Comic Con

In a few weeks, I'll be attending the San Diego Comic Convention again ( It's always a great time. I get to bump into old friends and check out some really cool stuff such as artwork, toys, new art supplies, books, books, and more books. I'll also be talking to prospective students for CCS as well. What makes this year's convention really interesting for me is that I've also invited a handful of recent grads and a few students to San Diego. Some of these folks are accustomed to comic conventions (not to the size of this one though) but some aren't.

The above artwork is my take or observation on just some of the people that attend this convention. I figured I'd at least let the comic convention virgins know who they're liable to bump into. For the most part, most of these convention people are harmless and actually have a lot of fun at these shows. One has to applaud them for their bravery & courage for dressing like this in public too! Also if it wasn't for these sort of rabid fans, our industry would be kaput.


Lauren Moyer said...

Oh Dave, find me some kids to come to CCS then I can corrupt them! mwahahaha!

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Oh great... I've been reduced to pimping CCS to prospective students so Lauren can torture the fresh meat. Heck, if they meet me at the Con, they've already been soiled.

imran said...

great drawings dave!
this should be turned into a game, like road trip bingo but with comic con attendees :P could be a fun way for the fresh meat to mix it up, hahah. great seeing you the other day and looking forward to hangin on monday dude.

katie cook said...


i'll be in artists' alley at table BB-18 :-)
i'm sure we'll bump into eachother, i've got a few cool projects i'd love to tell you about.